Company name Kukan Pro agi Co., Ltd.
Representative CEO Kumi Sugimura
Establishment June 2, 2006
Location 5F agi Building, 1-6-21 Kyomachi, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto 860-0078
TEL +81-96-322-9424(Japanese only)
Business content 1. Architectural design, construction, supervision and design work
2. Interior and exterior design, construction, supervision and design work for stores and residences
3. Manufacture, sales, import and export of furniture
4. Management of an architect office
5. Real estate rental, buying and selling, management
6. Inn business
7. Planning and development of apparel products
8. Management consulting services



“Create unprecedented value and contribute to people and the world!”
Kukanpuro agi advocates the spirit of altruism and proposes the creation of sustainable spaces that are considerate of the earth and people.
When people are working on something that gives them purpose in life, they become full of energy. I will continue to take on challenges in the future, with the purpose of living our activities and hoping that the energy we generate will energize our customers and local people, connect people, and play a role in creating a more prosperous society. I will continue.
Kukan Pro agi Co., Ltd.
CEO Kumi Sugimura