Privacy policy

1. About personal information

Kukanpro agi Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “our company”) recognizes the protection of personal information as an important responsibility of our company, and personal information of guests (hereinafter referred to as “users”) who use the Kukanpro agi official website (hereinafter referred to as “this site”) We will pay close attention to the collection and handling of information in accordance with our privacy policy.

Acquisition of personal information

We will properly acquire personal information only to the extent necessary for business.

Purpose of use of personal information

  1. The Company will handle the acquired personal information of users to the extent necessary to achieve the following purposes of use, except when consent is obtained from the user or when permitted by law.
    1. To make contact for reservation confirmation, etc.
    2. To provide services, products and information
    3. To carry out marketing activities for the Company and the Group
    4. For sales promotion activities such as distribution of free e-mails (e-mail magazines) and direct mailings
    5. For analysis to improve services and products
    6. To send prizes, etc., by applying for sweepstakes, questionnaires, etc.
    7. To request compliance with our website/mobile site usage rules and conditions
    8. To protect and improve services provided through our website and mobile site
    9. For buying and selling, leasing, planning, development, management and appraisal of real estate for accommodation facilities
    10. Recruitment, selection, and communication of applicants for recruitment of human resources of our company and our group
    11. For employment management of our company and our group
    12. To contact the individual as necessary
    13. To provide personal information to a third party to the extent necessary for the purpose of use after obtaining the consent of the person
    14. For purposes of use that are separately specified or announced to the individual
    15. In the event that it is necessary to use personal information for purposes other than the above for purposes for which consent has been obtained from the user, we will notify you in advance to that effect.

Provision of personal information to third parties

We will only provide the personal information of users to third parties in the following cases.

  1. When there is user’s consent.
  2. When providing based on laws and regulations.
  3. When it is necessary for the protection of human life, body or property, and it is difficult to obtain the user’s consent.
  4. When it is particularly necessary for the improvement of public health or the sound development of children, and when it is difficult to obtain the user’s consent.
  5. Cases in which the provision of personal data is necessary for cooperating with a state organ, etc in executing the affairs prescribed by laws and regulations and in which obtaining the consent of the person are likely to impede the execution of the affairs.
  6. When necessary due to legal obligations to which the Company or the Site is subject.
  7. When it is necessary to protect important interests such as the user’s life, health, property, etc.
  8. When it is necessary for the protection of public interest or for the exercise of authority based on laws and ordinances of the third party subject to disclosure of this service or personal information.
  9. When the Company aggregates and analyzes the attributes of users, creates “statistical materials” processed so that individuals cannot be identified and identified, and uses and processes them for the development of new services, etc. . In addition, when the Company provides statistical data to business partners, etc.
  10. If the application is based on an order of a court, public prosecutor’s office, or administrative agency. Or when we receive a formal inquiry from an administrative agency such as the police based on laws and ordinances that establish investigative authority. Or when accompanied by a request based on laws and regulations such as Article 23-2 of the Attorney Law.

Consignment of handling of personal information

We may outsource part of the handling of personal information to a subcontractor. In this case, we will select a subcontractor that is recognized to handle personal information appropriately. At that time, in order to prevent leakage of personal information of customers, necessary items such as management of personal information, confidentiality, prohibition of re-provision etc. will be established, appropriate management will be implemented, and appropriate supervision will be performed.

2. Others

Use of attribute information, etc. using Google Analytics

In order to improve the service on this site, we use Google Analytics of Google, Inc. to measure the site. Analysis may be conducted through a text file “cookie” that is generated along with this. In this case, some user information such as IP address may be collected by Google, Inc. We will only use this for the purpose of analyzing site usage, generating reports for site operators, and providing other services. By using this site, users are deemed to have given permission for such data processing by Google for the above methods and purposes.

* It is also possible to reject “cookies” by operating the browser on the user side. However, in that case, some functions of this site may not be available.

Revision of privacy policy

We may revise all or part of our privacy policy. If there are any material changes, we will notify you on the site.

Disclosure, correction, deletion, suspension of use, etc. of personal data

When a user or his/her agent requests notification of the purpose of use, disclosure, correction, deletion, suspension of use, etc. of retained personal data, the Company will confirm the necessary matters and will respond in writing within a reasonable time. Contact information is below.


Kumamoto-shi Chuo-ku Kyomachi 1-6-21 agi Building 5F

Kukanpro agi Co., Ltd.

Phone: 096-322-9424(Japanese only)

Site policy

Recommended environment In order to use this reservation site more safely and comfortably, we recommend the following browsers.

Basic policy

  1. When using social media, we will comply with laws and regulations as well as our company’s “corporate purpose and philosophy”, and strive to communicate with users in accordance with sound social common sense as a sensible member of society.
  2. I understand that information posted on social media can be viewed by an unspecified number of users, and that once posted information cannot be completely deleted, and that posted information can be used to evaluate the company. When sending messages, we will take responsibility for the content and response, and will not cause discomfort or misunderstanding. In addition, we will act responsibly to take seriously the posts and remarks from users.

Notes on outgoing calls

  1. Information posted by the person in charge on social media does not necessarily represent all of our official announcements and opinions.
  2. Official dissemination of information is done through our website, news releases, etc.


Please note that posts and remarks that fall under the following may be deleted so that an unspecified number of users can use the site comfortably.

About copyright

The copyrights of the designs, photographs, images, character information, etc. displayed and described on our website belong to our company, so unauthorized use and diversion is prohibited.