Terms of service

This agreement provides for the use of this site of “agi gallery O” (hereinafter referred to as “this facility”). If you use this site, you are deemed to have agreed to these terms.

Intended use

  1. The use of this facility is limited to exhibitions and sales of all genres such as photographs, paintings, designs, books, clothing, etc., as well as various conferences, seminars, various events, pop-ups, cooking classes, workshops, etc. .
    In addition, it cannot be used for the following purposes.
    1. Organizing religious solicitations, illegal seminars, or other similar gatherings
    2. purposes contrary to public order and morals or laws;
  2. Use may be refused if the purpose of use is different from that stated in the application form.

Usage fee

Basic fee 3,960 yen/1 hour (tax included)
Available in 1 hour increments. Please contact us for continuous use of 2 days or more.
This does not apply if there is a description in the publication destination.

Reception application/payment method

  1. Please make a reservation from an external site that transitions from the reservation button on the homepage of this facility.
  2. Payment of the usage fee will be in accordance with the payment method specified by the publication destination.

Cancellation fee

Depending on the date of cancellation request, the following cancellation fees will be charged. However, this is not the case only if it is stated in the posting destination.


  1. As a general rule, carry-in and carry-out should be done within the operating hours.
  2. Users are responsible for carrying in, setting up, carrying out, and removing works.
  3. When bringing in large-scale items such as personal exhibitions, please consult with this facility in advance and carry it out at the time designated by this facility. When bringing in a car, we will also guide you to the designated parking position.
  4. If you use ingredients, please bring them on the day.
  5. Please restore the venue to its original state when you leave.
  6. Nailing to the wall or pasting with adhesive tape etc. is prohibited. Please use the existing picture rails when exhibiting exhibits.
  7. The fixtures and fittings of this facility can be used free of charge, except for those exclusive to this facility.
  8. Invitations, posters, etc. should be prepared by the users of the venue.

Precautions for use

  1. Feel free to use the kitchen equipment, tableware, fixtures, and air conditioning.
  2. All rooms are non-smoking. E-cigarettes are no exception and cannot be used.
  3. Depending on the customer’s usage conditions (damage, stains, noise, nuisance such as violation of smoking etiquette, etc.), the contract may be canceled even during use.
  4. The time slot that can be used is limited to the time slot for which the application was made. Please strictly observe the start time and end time of use.
  5. No refunds will be given if you leave the room before the scheduled time.
  6. We will not act as a proxy for the sale of your products.
  7. Decoration (including sticking imitation paper on walls, storage doors, etc.) is prohibited in principle. Customers’ own tapes cannot be used. A penalty fee will be charged if decoration is found.
  8. Strictly observe food hygiene management, and please do so under the user’s own responsibility.

About cleaning and garbage disposal

  1. Please return all equipment and equipment you have used to their original locations. However, used tableware and cooking utensils can be placed in the “used tableware tray” for cleaning and high-temperature treatment.
  2. If you use the kitchen counter, please also clean the drain.
  3. Please take home all the items (including food and drink) that you brought in. If there are leftovers, we will dispose of them. If necessary, we will bill you separately.
  4. When using and disposing of oil, be sure to use a coagulant.

Prohibited matter

  1. Sale of meat such as raw meat, fish and shellfish such as shellfish.
  2. Bringing fire, dangerous materials, or intentionally damaging facilities and equipment.
  3. Bringing dogs, cats, birds, other pets, livestock, etc.
  4. Entry to other floors.
  5. Bringing in items that may be heated or pose a fire-fighting problem, or selling dangerous items such as combustible or flammable items.
  6. Bringing in other items deemed by the administrator to be a hindrance to operations.
  7. Long hours of lounging in shared spaces (including outside), noise, vibration, offensive odors, and other acts that cause annoyance to the surrounding environment and others.
  8. Sale of products whose sale is prohibited by law.
  9. Acts that violate public order and morals, such as gambling and nude photography.
  10. Exhibiting or selling items that may infringe on the rights or interests of others.
  11. Acts that violate public order and morals by serving customers while drinking alcohol.
  12. Drinking, smoking, etc. under the age of 20, acts that violate the juvenile protection ordinance.

Management responsibility

  1. The user is responsible for the management of the venue and exhibited works.
  2. Please note that in the unlikely event that fire, theft, loss, damage, unexpected accident, disaster, etc. occur, the facility will not bear any responsibility or burden. If you need insurance, etc., please join it on the user side.
  3. Fire is strictly prohibited in the venue for purposes other than cooking. The use of stoves, candles and incense is also prohibited.
  4. In the event of damage or loss to the venue, venue facilities, fixtures and fittings, or works owned or commissioned by the facility, compensation for actual expenses will be charged. Business compensation may be requested in the event of staining or damage that hinders the continuation of operation.
  5. Responsibility for the products sold belongs to the exhibitor.
  6. Please handle food with care and provide it safely.
  7. Bicycle parking is available on the 1st floor. Please let us know in advance when using.


The user agrees that this facility will not be liable for any damage caused by the following clauses.

  1. Regarding theft, accidents, breakdowns, fires, and floods that occur within the facility.
  2. Damages in the event that equipment or structures of the facility are damaged, defaced, or lost.
  3. Regarding damages caused to other customers or third parties (including self-damage of the customer himself/herself).
  4. Regarding all damages when the customer violates the terms of use.
  5. Regarding troubles between customers and third parties.
  6. If there is a forgotten item, it will be disposed of at the discretion of the facility after one month has passed since the use.
  7. Regarding troubles such as food poisoning caused by the food and drinks sold or prepared by the customer.

If the above causes affect the operation or use of this facility, you may be asked to bear the actual cost of the damage amount.

Refusal and termination of contract

In the following cases, the Company will refuse the application or cancel the existing contract. Please note that in this case, we will not be able to pay compensation for damages.

  1. Crime groups, gang members, gang-affiliated groups or related parties, and other groups and individuals belonging to anti-social forces apply for, use, and enter facilities.
  2. Use by persons under the age of 18 only and without an adult.
  3. In addition, when there is a risk of violating the matters stipulated in this agreement.


Terms of use are subject to change without notice.

Administrator: Kukan Pro agi Co., Ltd.

TEL: 096-322-9424(Japanese only)

Address: 5F agi Building, 1-6-21 Kyomachi, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto 860-0078